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ERO Review

Working in Partnership with the Education Review Office (ERO)

Te Ara Huarau is the evaluation approach that the Education Review Office (ERO) is using in our school. This is a develozpmental approach to evaluation where ERO and NPS work together over time, rather than one off reviews that happened previously. Te Ara Huarau is now used in most schools.

ERO maintains a regular review programme to evaluate and report on the education and care of young people in schools. Our school worked alongside ERO to write our Profile Report. This type of report will only happen once as part of our initial engagement with Te Ara Huarau.

The Profile Report reflects our strategic goals and a shared evaluation focus of one or more areas that are important to us as we work together to improve outcomes for all our learners. ERO, like us, has a strong focus on equity and excellence. Future reporting will show our progress and achievement towards meeting the goals we have set.

Public reports like the Profile Report are published on the ERO website, and our report is on published below.

A Board Assurance Report shows how we are meeting regulatory and legislative requirements. This report is also published below.

NPS Te Ara Huarau Profile Report 2022

NPS Board Assurance Report 2022